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At Above All Store Fronts, safety is our top priority. Not only do we maintain compliance with continuously updating rules and regulations, but we also give our employees the information and tools necessary to keep them safe in the field.

Toolbox Talks

Led by our certified safety officer, weekly Toolbox Talks provide Above All Store Fronts’ employees with vital information directly applicable to daily operations. Covering a different topic each week, Toolbox Talks keep safety at the forefront of the minds of our team members.


Accident Prevention Program

Accident prevention planning begins during the bidding process and continues to be an integral aspect of each subsequential step. Stemming down from our job supervisor, all employees prioritize their safety and the safety of their surrounding team members. Aiming to eliminate personal injury and property damage throughout, our accident prevention program mitigates risk during the project without sacrificing efficiency.

Project-Specific Site Safety Plans

No construction project is the same; therefore, each project requires a unique approach to uphold the safety of everyone involved. The safety coordinator comprehensively analyzes all project details and specifications. Our safety manual provides a wide range of safety protocols and information, including:

  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Fall Protection Plan
  • Hazard Communication Program
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • And more…
Construction workers looking at plans

Safety Is the Priority | Quality Is the Standard

We look forward to partnering with you on your next architectural endeavor.