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Above All Capabilities Highlight – 3D Laser Scanning

At Above All Store Fronts, we pride ourselves on utilizing cutting-edge technologies developed by architectural industry leaders. Our 3D laser scanning solutions streamline project workflow while simplifying team collaboration.

FARO laser scanner

We enable customers to capture, measure, interact with and share data from our physical world in a virtual environment and then translate this information back into the physical domain. This mission informs every solution we develop, every conversation we have and every partnership we pursue.


The Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning for Construction Projects

Pinpoint Accuracy

3D laser scanning ensures precise measurements and data capture, reducing the risk of errors and miscalculations in construction projects.

Time Efficiency

Accelerates the data collection process, saving time compared to traditional surveying methods and contributing to expedited project completion.

Cost Savings

Minimizes the likelihood of rework and costly mistakes, ultimately saving construction costs in the long run.

Comprehensive Digital Modeling

Generates detailed three-dimensional digital models of the construction site, offering a comprehensive representation of the environment.

Seamless Software Integration

Integrates with proprietary software tools for efficient data analysis, project management, and collaboration.

As-Built Documentation

Facilitates the creation of accurate as-built documentation, crucial for future reference, maintenance, and renovations.

Conflict Detection

Identifies potential clashes and conflicts in the design phase, reducing the need for adjustments during construction.

Regulatory Compliance

By providing accurate and detailed data, 3D laser scanning helps ensure compliance with regulatory standards and requirements.

Enhanced Collaboration

Facilitates collaboration among all project team members, including architects, engineers, and contractors, by providing a shared and detailed digital dataset.

architect looking over blueprint and 3D laser scanning
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