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Above All Highlights Manufacturer, Construction Specialties

At Above All Store Fronts, we are proud to partner with some of the industry’s top manufacturers. Today, we are highlighting the architectural products manufactured by Construction Specialties. Our team of architectural experts have utilized Construction Specialties’ products in numerous projects.

When your project needs specialty architectural products – whether nationally or internationally – Construction Specialties have the materials to innovate and modernize your building.

For over 75 years, Construction Specialties has been committed to improving building solutions with their products, everything from Acrovyn doors and wall protection to safety venting and sun control solutions. One of their prized projects was working with BBB Architect to make a curved version of its vertical RSV-5700 Storm-Resistant Louver. The new form was then tested for airflow and storm resistance at Construction Specialties’ in-house test chamber, allowing testing to AMCA louver standards. The radiused louvers were then manufactured and shipped to the customer’s facility for delivery to the arena.
Construction Specialties

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Construction Specialties is Worldwide

With over 100 patents and applications worldwide, Construction Specialties is proud to be part of the modern marvels around the world.

Contact us today to learn more about how Above All Store Fronts and how Construction Specialists can benefit your next project.

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