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Merging Safety and Quality

At Above All Store Fronts, we pride ourselves on providing the greater New York region with the highest quality architectural glazing and cladding services. And we would not be able to achieve this without emphasizing both safety and craft.

Safety Is the Priority

As we mentioned in our previous post, Building a Culture of Workplace Safety and Well-Being, Above All Store Fronts stringently adheres to safety regulations, prioritizing the wellness of our employees and partners in construction. Some of the actions we take to achieve this include:

  • Weekly Toolbox Talks
  • Accident Prevention Program
  • Project-Specific Site Safety Plans
  • Daily Pre-Task Plans

Quality Is the Standard

Our commitment to quality is represented in all stages of the construction process. From design reviews to our exit strategy process, our hands-on approach to project management facilitates this commitment, ensuring every project we take on is expertly completed.

construction worker holding hardhat
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