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Architectural Glazing Trends

As mentioned in our previous post, The Future of Architectural Glazing, the architectural glass market is predicted to grow by more than 5% before 2030. Fueled by new technologies and architectural industry expansion, exciting trends continue to inspire innovative designs, serving both form and function. This post highlights a couple of architectural glazing trends Above All Store Fronts has noticed.

What’s Trending in Architectural Glazing?

Architectural Glass as Insulation

While the walls inside your home typically contain some form of insulation behind them, commercial buildings encapsulated by architectural glass still need a method to keep interior temperatures comfortable. This is why many types of architectural glass help prevent heat loss. Architectural glazing with high thermal performance is becoming popular throughout our region. These forms of glazing possess low U-values (the rate of heat transfer through a structure).

Bird-Safe Architectural Glazing

Bird-safe architectural glazing helps deter birds from colliding into the structure. This is accomplished by utilizing glass with an ideal percentage of reflectivity. Birds are able to see these types of glass, subsequently preventing the birds from flying into them. Many kinds of bird-safe architectural glazing are specifically designed to provide the perfect balance between reflectivity and transparency.

architectural glass on commercial building reflecting clouds
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